Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is established to inform you that our firm is committed in upholding the confidentiality of one’s private information shared by all the users of this website. This shall also provide for details on the methods of searching and safeguarding of information and even the propagation practices applicable in this site.

Our firm aims to provide our users with informed decisions through having access to the information being gathered from users. And in relation to this, our procedure shall be maintained current and up to date with the latest technologies, business or corporate practices as well as customers’ requests.

Types of Information

Upon the user’s access on our site, we are being provided with two kinds of details: the personal details shared by the individual user and Website use information accumulated through the browses made by the community of users.

1. Personal Details

Sign Up Information

User’s personal data are being provided upon registration to every product, newsletter or even any of the services.

Email Information

In case of email communications, the information in written in your email, responses and even your own e-mail address may be collected. Such email information is subject to same safeguard methods as those for telephone and mail information.

2. Website Use Information

Parallel to what other commercial Websites do, our Website uses the “cookies” which is the standard technology (refer below, “Cookies Defined”) and web server log files to gather information about the operations of the website. This type of information may involve but is not limited to the log-in details, the pages browsed, time consumed at the Website and even those data pertaining to websites checked prior and after our Website.

Uses of Information

Broadly speaking, the personal information serves as a means of implementing our business operations, providing your demands on our services, as well as products, processing of your payments, supervising the processes, executing the company’s marketing and even advertising efforts and improving our product and service packages, and lastly, modifying our site’s over-all theme, designs and for any other lawful goals. These procedures enhance and modify our site to meet all user demands.

Such information, on rare circumstances, is utilized for the purpose of making notifications to all users about significant and relevant improvements, like new services and offers made to our Website. If in case, the user refuses to get these email notifications, you may inform us through email to the link found in the newsletter.

Cookies Defined

A cookie, as mentioned earlier, is a text document described to be very small and every so often consist of an unspecified unique identification. When a user obtains access to a Website, the said site’s computer will request permission from your computer to save this information or file inside your computer’s hard drive which is specifically for cookies. If the browser’s preferences permit it, every Website is capable of transferring their cookie to your web browser. To ensure privacy, Websites are only allowed to access the cookies they sent your computer and not those from other sites.

Normally, browsers are set to receive cookies but it still depends on the user’s preference on whether you like to accept the cookies or not. If the user refuses to accept them, you may modify the configurations and settings of your browsers. However, this action might cause you to experience glitches when trying to access certain parts of our site. It is good to note that a cookie is neither capable of retrieving additional files from your hard drive nor transferring viruses to your computer.

* Google, being a third party vendor, utilizes cookies to display ads on your site.

* Google makes use of the DART cookie to display ads to users whenever they visit your sites as well as other sites on the Internet.

* Users may unsubscribe out of the employment of the DART cookie by accessing the Google ad and content network privacy policy.

Information Which Came From Cookies

As the user starts to access and go through our Website, it automatically utilizes cookies in order to distinguish you from the other site users. Another use of the cookies is to prevent users from logging in more than what is essential for purposes of ensuring safety and security.

Cookies, combined with our Website server’s log files, permit us to monitor and determine the total number of users browsing our Website and to identify which particular portions of the said website are the most popular. Obtaining feedbacks from our users to continuously update and enhance our site are being supported by the said cookies as well. Through this, we are able to serve the demands of clients better. Cookies prohibit us from using and collecting any of our user’s personal information by intentionally keeping all that information safe inside your cookies.

IP Addresses Defined

Every time a user connects to the net, an IP address is utilized by the computers that are within the network to particularly identify the user’s computer. Our web server automatically collects IP addresses for demographics and traffic data, or basically known as profile data. This way, data transfer to your computer is enabled.

Information That Are Shared and Sold

All sorts of sharing, selling, lending or leasing of any of those personal information provided by our users (like private information and email addresses) are prohibited except in cases that such is considered to be essential to process dealings or deliver services that were requested by you.

Access to Personal Information

Users may obtain accessibility to entirely what their personal information collects and has maintained online by our Website by sending an email request to our address.

Legal Requirement of Information Disclosure

This explains that there are circumstances that legally compel us to disclose personal information obtained from our users considering that we are in virtue and believing that such is a law requirement for safeguarding our rights.

Furthermore, such circumstances include those cases where we are required to make known account information upon obtaining knowledge that such disclosures are necessary to contact, identify or take lawful action against someone who might have violated the given Terms of Service or perhaps guard the security of the public and the users.

Linkages among Other Websites

Our Website does not take any responsibility for the employed practices of other websites that are associated to or from our site and even those information included therein. But such links from other Websites are indicated as guides and references to possible issues that might be helpful or valuable to the customers of our site.

It is good to note that upon accessing these links or other Websites, our Privacy Policy would no longer be in effect but instead the other Website’s own policies will be the ones applicable. The users should consider the policies implemented by other sites before proceeding with the use of such links.

User’s Consent

Upon access to our Website, it is presumed that your consent is obtained regarding the acquisition of your personal details as well as the use of these information as established in the customer’s personal information or also known as Privacy Policy. We have every right to revise the policy anytime with prior notice or without prior notice.

Maintenance of Data Security

The computers that we have in the U.S.A. will be responsible for the storage and processing of your information. And in relation thereto, there is a possibility that the laws implemented in the U.S. regarding privacy on personal data are less rigorous than the laws in other countries. In order to not encounter unauthorized access to our data, preserve accuracy of data, and guarantee the appropriate usage of information, our Website installed suitable electronic, physical and also bureaucratic control to safeguard all gathered information online.


Our Website permits our users to also unsubscribe in case that delivery of future notifications and messages will be discontinued as soon as it is technically possible.

Surveys & Contests

Disclosure of personal information is completely voluntary upon user’s option to participate in the surveys and contests conducted by the website from time-to-time. Personal data like contact details (like the person’s name and shipping address), and demographic data (like the age level, and the zip code) are some examples of those details being obtained in the surveys and contests.

Such acquired information will be used in the notification of prize awardees and winners and even for the purposes of developing and monitoring the usage and complacency for this site.

Children as Website Users

Supervision of parents or guardians is required upon children who desire to take an access on our website and that children of age under 14 should nevertheless avoid from disclosing personal information.

Acquisition of Website

The moment the website or even a significant part of the assets is acquired, such assets will include that information gathered from users and will form part of these assets in the transfer.

Modifications on Privacy Policy

Every now and then, as changes are being incorporated on the policy, we make notifications to our users through email upon their permission. Moreover, such changes are also posted on this website making it advisable to our users to check it occasionally. Rest assured that whatever changes made in the near future will not affect the confidentiality of the personal data obtained prior to the changes made, without your consent.