How To Become a Phlebotomist?

If you want to know how to become a phlebotomist, you must first research or inquire about your state’s stand regarding this field of profession.

Basically, it takes about six months in order to become a certified phlebotomist. However, this actually depends on the state where you are located or planning to take your phlebotomy classes.

First and foremost, you must already have an idea on what phlebotomy is and what a phlebotomist does. Phlebotomy is the act of drawing out a specific volume of blood from the patient which will be used in diagnosing and managing health conditions.
In some cases, the blood drawn will be used for blood transfusion.

Another term that can be used to refer phlebotomy is venipuncture and the person licensed to perform such procedure is what we call a phlebotomist or phlebotomy technician.

If you read further, you will be guided on step-by-step process on how one can become a certified phlebotomy technician.

Earn a diploma

In order to proceed with phlebotomy training, you must at least be able to attain a high school diploma. Most states and institutions have set a criterion that the applicant must be a high school

graduate. Therefore, he must at least be 18 years to be qualified to enroll for phlebotomy training.

Complete a Phlebotomy Training Program

Part of your journey of becoming a phlebotomist is finding a qualified and accredited institution or technical center that offers quality phlebotomy training or courses. This program usually lasts for less than a year or mostly, 6 months.

These classes constitute theoretical discussions and skills demonstration in order to hasten the learning process of the group learning the procedure.  Other things learned from the classes are how to properly interact with the clients, as well as the ethics and legal considerations of phlebotomy.

Students will also learn on blood sampling, analysis and interpretation of the results. All these you have to acquire throughout your training if you want to become an excellent phlebotomist.

Get certified and obtain your license

After completion of phlebotomy classes from an accredited technical school or college offering this course, you must take the required examination and pass it.

This is your only way to be able to get the license and become a certified phlebotomist.

You will have to check again on your state’s laws regarding the examination and obtaining of license.

Seek for employment opportunities

Once you are licensed to do phlebotomy, you will have to seek employment immediately! Whatever it takes, you must be able to land yourself on a job that makes you improve on your phlebotomy skills and be able to use your license at its fullest.

Phlebotomists can search for job vacancies at various hospitals, health institutions and clinics that are enlisted in U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Every year, it has been noted that there is an increasing demand for phlebotomy technicians.

See how bright your future can be once you complete your phlebotomy training?Apply now for training programs and courses and start learning how to become a phlebotomist!