Phlebotomist Salary and Factors Affecting Them

The average phlebotomist salary is determined by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics of the US government through a variety of factors.

Phlebotomy technicians work for hospitals, clinics and laboratories in estimated average working hours of 40 per week giving a total of 2080 hours annually.

Phlebotomy is a fast growing career in the health care industry. As interested individuals, you have to know all about the basics of this concept before you work on becoming a certified phlebotomist.

Every year, hospitals and clinics increase in their phlebotomy job opportunities.

Given this demand, it is assumed that employment opportunities for aspiring phlebotomists are going to rise on a positive note in the next years to come.

This means, phlebotomist salary is going to be higher each passing year.

However, phlebotomy salaries depend on the locality in which you are working for and level of experience you have acquired.

AVG Hourly and Annual Phlebotomist Salary

A phlebotomy technician’s median hourly salary amounts up to $20.28. The lowest salary a phlebotomist can earn is $12.19 and the highest can amount up to $30 per hour.

On the other hand, the estimated median annual salary can reach as high as $42,180 with lower limit of $25,000 per year and highest phlebotomist salary of $60,000.

Education and Work Experience

As a general rule, the greater your experience is, the higher will be your phlebotomist salary! The estimated amount will start at $11.50 an hour. The phlebotomy salary can raise even as much as $15 an hour if your experience is at least 10 years.

Phlebotomy salaries also vary on the quality and level of training you engaged yourself with in the field of phlebotomy. More compensation is rewarded to phlebotomists who have earned a bachelor’s degree and associate’s degree on this course.

This is because they have been taught all related concepts on phlebotomy including basic life support, advanced cardiac life support, human anatomy and physiology and painlessly drawing out blood from the client.


Phlebotomy salaries differ from one place to another. This is why you have to research on your state’s laws and policies on phlebotomy. A phlebotomist who is assigned in an urban health organization receiver higher phlebotomy technician salary as compared to those assigned in rural units.

However, this is only case to case basis as the phlebotomy salary can be negotiated if you are proven to be already an expert in this field. Through the years, the phlebotomy technician salary range will continue to rise as this is a very highly in demand career. Therefore, if you are looking for a brighter future that can make you earn greater income; you are always welcome to undergo phlebotomy training.

A lot of people choose this work not only because it pays high but because of the sense of achievement and fulfillment its work scope has to offer. So, if you want to experience satisfaction with your work, be a phlebotomist and earn high phlebotomist salary as a compensation and reward to self for your hard work.