Phlebotomy Schools – Online or Offline schools?

Many people are interested in phlebotomy schools because they feel phlebotomy would make a great career. They are right; being a phlebotomist can be a great career for anyone willing to help others and who is interested in health fields.

Some people will choose to take their class offline at good colleges while others decide online colleges are the right choice. Only you can decide what is right for you. Both have pros and cons so be sure to weigh both before making your decision.

Online Phlebotomy Schools

Although it is possible to get a great online education, it is difficult to complete the hands on training that is needed for certification. It is impossible to get certified without it.

That makes online Phlebotomy schools the perfect choice for people that are already in the health field or has access to healthcare facilities like doctor offices, hospitals or laboratories.

They can get hands on training when this is the case. Some online schools work with healthcare facilities so their students can be afforded hands on training.

There are many great Phlebotomy schools online where people can get all the training they need. Some schools teach other courses besides phlebotomy for people that intend to do more than phlebotomy work.

You may like to get certified in medical assisting as well as phlebotomy. It is even possible to get your associates degree online. You can get all the phlebotomy experience that is required plus much more. People with an associate’s degree get paid quite a bit more money. Below are some phlebotomy schools you may find interesting.

  • Kaplan University – this school does not teach just phlebotomy but it is possible to learn phlebotomy in their Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assisting program. Learn how to help physicians with patient exams, lab work and learn how to do venipuncture and skin punctures. Another part of your training will be learning how to calm uneasy patients. Learning to record medical records or vital signs is also taught.
  • Kaiser University – This school has an Associate of Science in Medical Assisting course. People who graduate from Kaiser will need two hands on internships. They must also learn lab and clinical procedures. There is a total of 60.5 hours of credit hours to graduate. At completion of this program, students will be ready for entry level jobs in medical assisting and phlebotomy.
  • Pima Medical Institute – get training to become a phlebotomy technician. People learn by hands on techniques how blood is collected through venipuncture and finger sticks. Other classes that are covered include physiology, laboratory collection, anatomy, medical terminology and more.
  • Spencerian College – a great school for getting ready for your phlebotomy certification. At the end of the program people are prepared to begin their careers in phlebotomy. That means they can find work in doctor’s offices, hospitals or laboratories. Going mobile with blood banks is also a nice choice.

Offline Phlebotomy Schools

Many people feel more comfortable in an offline school.  If this is your choice, be certain the school is recognized by the state you live in.

An offline school offers students the benefit of study partners and lab partners.  Students are not on their own but have several other students to learn from.

The teacher is present while students learn instead of a computer screen and emails.  Classes begin and end at a certain time so you are likely to be more organized.  Getting hands on training is much easier since most offline Phlebotomy schools will work with local hospitals and doctor offices.

The Perfect Phlebotomy Schools for You

People who are already in the healthcare field will be able to get on the job training so hands on training is not necessary.

When it comes to certification exams, on the job counts the same as hands on training.  It is very important to be sure the state and certification agencies recognize the school you choose.

Many health care facilities will not hire someone unless they are certified.  This is something that should be asked of healthcare facilities where you live.

Sometimes an online school will not meet the requirements of your state.  Research phlebotomy schools before making a decision on an online training program.

Everyone is different and will have different preferences.  You are the only one that knows what Phlebotomy Schools will fits your needs best.